Still not convinced?  Give our software a try and
you will be.

Here's what you need to know about downloading the demo - let the system do everything don't try to get all smart.  I've been writing software for years, it's safe to say I'm smart when it comes to computers, right ?  Wrong.  Follow these few instructions for a problem free demonstration.

  1. By default, the path in the window says "C:\CC3>" - leave it at that, don't change it.  The system will automatically put the demo in the "C:\CC3" folder and setup a CC3 icon on your desktop.   

  2.  First thing you'll see is a question "Run/Open" or "Save" or "Quit/Closed".   Chose "Run/Open". 
  3. After a minute or so, the next window will be the Installation Software, just keep hitting "NEXT".
  4. Of course, you can call us and do all this over the phone if you like, and/or, we'll connect to your terminal remote control and download it for you, and do a demo for you as well.


Support Number:  360-582-0202